Executive Board & Officers

Executive Board

Dr. Barbara Kapetanakes
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Dr. Adam Weissman
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Dr. Jon Rogove
President - Elect                                                                             
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Dr. Debra Green
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Dr. Kristin Oliverio
Recording Secretary 
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Division Leadership

Dr. Ilana Rosenberg
Clinical Division President
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Dr. Elliot Cohen
School Division President
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Dr. Kristi Hoffman
Special Interest Division President
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Committee Chairs

Dr. Barbara Meehan
Education Chair, President Westchester Center Psychological Education
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Dr. Jamie Greene
Membership Chair
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Dr. Kenneth Reinhard & Dr. Ernie Collabolletta
Professional Ethics and Standards Co-Chairs 
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Dr. Jeannine Baart
Member Relations Chair
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Dr. Erica Saxe Ross & Dr. Deborah Szanto
Community Relations & Publicity Chair
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Other Officers

Dr. Jessica Lubitz
Representative to NYSPA Council
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Dr. Jonathan Sinowitz
Test Kit Library Coordinator
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Dr. Carolyn Lanfredi
Managing Editor, The Westchester Psychologist
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Dr. Paul Greene
Disaster Response Coordinator
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 Dr. Jessica Diller Kovler
Listserv Moderator
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Dr. Barbara Kapetanakes
Facebook Moderator
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Dr. Peter Faustino
Twitter Moderator
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Dr. Amy Brown
LinkedIn Manager
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Barbara Silverstone, Esq.
Executive Director 

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