Member Types & Application

WCPA's membership types correspond to the stages of our members careers. All member types receive WCPA benefits and access to a welcoming community of professionals.

Full Members: Have completed a terminal graduate degree in the field of psychology (MA, PhD, PsyD). Regular Members or Fellows of the American Psychological Association or Regular Members of the New York State Psychological Association or Psychologists licensed under Article 153 of the Education Law of New York State, as amended, or School Psychologists certified under Article 143 shall qualify for Full Membership status. Any person engaged in private practice must be licensed under Article 153. $90/year

Early Career Members: Meet the criteria for Full Membership and are within the first two years of completing their graduate degree. $60/year.

Associate Members: Have a master’s degree in psychology but not meet the criteria for full membership, or meet criteria for Full Membership but do not live or work in Westchester County. Associate Members are entitled to rights and privileges of full members, except for the right to vote and hold office. $60/year.

Student Affiliates: Are matriculated and enrolled as students in a recognized graduate psychology program, or are undergraduate psychology majors. Student Affiliates shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of full members except for the right to vote and hold office. Free.

Life Member:
Full Members who have reached the age of 68 years, have been members in good standing for at least 10 years, and who are fully retired, may apply to the Board of Directors to transition to Life Member. $40/year.


WCPA's membership year begins May 1st. Dues paid during application cover membership through April 30th.

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