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Do you need a speaker for your school, workplace, community group? How about commentary for your media outlet? Our experts are available to offer presentations to professionals and the community and will work with you to create the ideal presentation for your organization.
The views expressed by the speakers represent their point of view and not necessarily those of WCPA.

Sarah Bren, PhD
Rachel Deyong, PhD
[email protected]
Areas of Expertise:
ADHD, Social Thinking, Social Skills, Executive Functioning, Behavior modification (school and family/parent), Zones of Regulation, Collaborative and Proactive Solutions
Constance Haslett, PhD
Areas of Expertise:
Private Practice; Supervisor, Faculty and Director of CE of the Westchester Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy.
Professional Experience:
Supervisor, Vising Faculty and Director of Continuing Education of the Westchester Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy; Former President, Division of Women's Interests of Westchester County Psychological Association; and former executive board member of Westchester Center for Psychological Education.
Barbara Kapetanakes, PsyD
Private Practice
Areas of Expertise:
Practice Building; Neuropsychology; Divorce; Adolescents; College Transition; Special Education/Learning Issues; Learning Disabilities; Concussions; Psychopharmacology
Professional Experience:
I want to help people get to better places in their lives, regardless of what their struggles may be. I have a Masters in Education in School Psychology and a Doctorate in Psychology, both from Pace University. I also have a Post-Doctoral Certificate in Neuropsychology and a Post-Doctoral Masters Degree in Psychopharmacology.
     I specialize in working with adolescents, families going through divorce, and completing assessments for learning disabilities, attention deficits, autistic spectrum disorders, disabilities after traumatic brain injury, stroke, or surgery, and dementia. I also work with all ages struggling with anxiety, depression, and general stress. I have worked with young adults dealing with the transition to college, and those facing the challenges of career after education.
     I have worked for many years helping children of divorce both in schools and privately, as well as working with adults going through marital separation and parents needing help with co-parenting and decision-making post-divorce. I have built relationships with many local matrimonial attorneys, working collaboratively to support their clients going through these difficult transitions.
     I also offer divorce mediation services, working alongside legal and financial professionals to guide couples in a mutually beneficial, non-adversarial process of splitting assets, parenting, and moving forward.
     I have taught at several of the local colleges and universities and supervises post-doctoral Fellows and other early career psychologists. I was voted one of the Westchester Business Council's "40 Under 40 Rising Stars" in 2005. I write for the local "River Journal" newspaper on psychological and human-interest topics. I am a past-president of the Westchester County Psychological Association, and a longstanding Board member, winning their Distinguished Service Award in 2010. I spent several years as a member of the Community Services Board through the County Department of Mental Health and was then appointed by Robert Astorino to be part of the Concussion Task Force. I am also an active member of the New York State Psychological Association, as a founding member of the LGBTQ Task Force as well as the Westchester representative to NYSPA's Council.
Barbara Meehan, PhD
[email protected]
Areas of Expertise:
Navigating organizational change, Suicide prevention and intervention, Effectively dealing with difficult people, Violence prevention, Conflict resolution, Crisis response and debriefing, Multicultural competence, Promoting optimal performance, Stress management, Managing adversity through resilience and grit, Healthy transition to college, Grief and loss
Professional Experience:
Dr. Meehan has extensive experience serving a diverse array of clients who find themselves facing challenges impacting their relationships, academic and professional pursuits, physical health, and general happiness. Before moving back to New York to establish a professional practice, Dr. Meehan worked over 11 years in higher education where she served as the Chief Psychologist and senior administrator of the primary psychological service agencies at Arizona State University and George Mason University. Dr. Meehan has contributed to the development of emerging mental health professionals in her role as a clinical supervisor and Training Director of masters and doctoral psychology training programs. She has held adjunct teaching appointments in the masters and doctoral counseling departments at Arizona State University and George Mason University. In addition, Dr. Meehan is active within local and national professional organizations. She is an accomplished presenter to various audiences, including academic institutions, corporations, health care facilities, and public sector organizations (e.g., law enforcement, fire and emergency response providers, etc.).
Trupti Rao, PsyD
914-495-3990 ext. 1
[email protected]
Areas of Expertise:
Disabilities; Children's Development and Mental Health; Understanding Assessments; Trauma
Professional Experience:
Dr. Rao has provided training at both the local and national level on topics related to developmental disabilities, trauma, and the child welfare system.
Pro Bono: Yes
Dimitra Robokos, PhD
[email protected]
Private Practice & Asst. Clinical Prof. of Pediatrics - Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Areas of Expertise/Titles of Presentations:
Psychotherapy, neuropsychological and educational testing, insight-oriented and solution-focused therapy, play therapy
Professional Experience:
Dr. Dimitra Robokos is a fully licensed clinical psychologist who has been practicing since 2009 and, with her prior work in education, has a combined experience of over 20 years. She is a leader in the field of child development with extensive experience in evaluating and treating children from preschool age through adolescence and young adulthood. Dr. Robokos is trilingual in English, Spanish and Greek and often conducts bilingual evaluations when necessary.
     With a Ph.D. in School Psychology (Neurosciences and Education track) from Columbia University and two Master’s degrees (Master’s degree in Education and Master’s degree in Philosophy) from the same institution, Dr. Robokos continued to further her training and expertise as a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine for well over a decade now. As an undergraduate, her training at Pace University led to a dual Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and English Literature with a minor in Spanish Language.
Dr. Robokos is well-known and established in New York City for her work with children, adolescents, and young adults who experience anxiety, stress in school, or have other learning and neurological differences. She has worked for over two and a half decades with children on the Autism Spectrum and is considered an expert in the field of treating children with developmental and neurological differences. Dr. Robokos also treats children comprehensively and with a team-oriented approach, such that she collaborates consistently with the providers (i.e., educators, clinicians) who treat the same child. Her advocacy role in IEP meetings, hearings, and the like is also very keen and she works closely with educational attorneys and legal advocates to support the needs of children.
     Dr. Robokos shares great enthusiasm in supporting children, teens, and young adults to improve their mental and emotional health and well-being. Family stressors such as illness, divorce, coping with college, social challenges, and caring for children who have siblings with developmental disabilities are but a few of the situations that Dr. Robokos can support effectively and soundly. Always applying empathy with a strong foundation in science and evidence-based practices in mindfulness, behavioral science, and mental health Dr. Robokos witnesses the positive changes in her clients and celebrates all their steps in greater health and well-being.
     In addition to her work with children and families in the United States, Dr. Robokos has had meaningful experiences in international work as well. For example, she worked for UNICEF and implemented programs in developing countries to promote early intervention. Working and residing at the International House in NYC, she had the opportunity to meet with world leaders and inform on best practices for children’s developmental outcomes. In her second home country of Greece, she has been involved in lectures and conferences to assist clinicians and educators in their work with children. Bridging this expertise to her base in New York, Dr. Robokos has worked in many capacities as an educator, presenter, researcher, professor, and clinician. Her background has spanned from a commitment to serving underprivileged youth, children, and families as well as working with children who have special needs, children and youth who require strong advocacy, and families in need of support for their children due to various life changes or stressors. Her many years of being an Applied Behavior Analysis trainer and educator have been significant as has her focus on working in schools and consulting with various private, independent, public, special education, therapeutic, and boarding schools in and around the tri-state area and beyond. Her dedication to the families and children she cares for is extraordinary and she is passionate about the support and guidance she is able to offer.
Pro Bono: Yes
Anjali Roye
Jon Rogove, PhD
Diane Urban, PhD
Clinical psychologist/adjunct professor Manhattan College, Empire College, SUNYWC
Areas of Expertise/Titles of Presentations
Relationship issues, parenting
Professional Experience:
I am a psychologist, a college professor, a wife, and a parent. As a licensed psychologist for the last 30+ years, I have devoted my life to helping individuals, couples, and families improve their relationships. My practice focuses on interpersonal relationships, for relationships are what provide us with the greatest joys and greatest difficulties in our lives. I have a background in both clinical and social psychology and I know that problems do not exist on the individual level, they exist in our interactions with others. I have always taken a problem solving approach to improving those interactions. As a college professor for the last 39 years, I have enjoyed bringing the problem-solving approach to a larger audience and witnessing the power of changing the way one sees the world.
Jennifer Walker